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Carla Badim and the food & beverage team at PortoBay Flores


Carla Badim, 25, is responsible for the F&B team at the PortoBay Flores hotel. She started working at PortoBay Teatro and quickly moved on to duties in preparation for the opening of PortoBay Flores in 2019.

Carla was born in a small town in Vila Real, but she has lived in Porto since she was a child. She grew up above a small tavern that her parents opened in Porto where she always helped out. "I took lots of naps in the kitchen as a child and grew up amidst the pots and pans, wine and beer glasses, coffees and crockery. My passion for hospitality and hosting comes from this experience in my parents' tavern".

She is a working student and is currently in the third year of her degree in Hotel Management and Administration at the Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo in Porto. She recognises that getting the work/study balance right isn't easy, but it's not impossible when you really love what you do!

In September 2019, the opening month of PortoBay Flores, she was chosen as the Employee of the Month: "a recognition by PortoBay of my work that made me super happy!"

She heads a team of 11 people, divided into two shifts. Everyone has different tasks, but everyone knows how to work both shifts, although there is a more fixed team in the morning and another in the afternoon. The team speaks four languages and is responsible for breakfast, lunch, dinner, room service and the hotel bar.

The team’s daily routine:

Serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, provide room-service and bar service
Knowledge of the wine lists and menus
Address the guest by name
Recognise the returning guest and customer
Greet, welcome, serve and accompany the guest to the table
Make fresh orange juice every day
Fold napkins Prepare cocktails and all drinks
Prepare drinks according to the customer’s preference and wishes
Take note of customer requests
Polish dishes and glasses
Replenish the refrigerator and wine cellar
Prepare the mise-en-place for all services
Advise on food and beverages
Ensure the guest feels at home and always be available to help



The team loves preparing all kinds of events, especially romantic ones involving weddings or proposals. "This is where we make a difference in someone's life with all our focus on the details; these are days that stay in the customer's memory." ❤️

We got a thank you card from some guests from Hamburg, Germany (Mr and Mrs Müller, regular guests at Vila Porto Mare) and when they came to Porto they loved the hotel and service.
The biggest compliment we can receive is the customer who comes back to our hotel.



Carla would love to spend a few days with Luís Soares at Vila Porto Mare on one of those wedding, christening, event days . ..

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