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HOPE supports new institution

HOPE supports new institution

One of the goals is to improve the quality of life of patients with blood cancer and their families. The Portuguese Leukemia and Lymphoma Association, based in Porto, is one of the institutions that will benefit from the contribution of the HOPE by PortoBay solidarity programme in 2020. PortoBay has made a donation since 2012 and guests make a contribution by having €1 (per room, per stay) added to their account. We have already delivered 389,000 euros !! Thank you !! find out more

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27 JULI 2022

PortoBay hotels on Madeira awarded the Green Key 2022

This award turns the spotlight on good environmental and social practices

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20 JULI 2022

Hygiene and Safety Protocol

A trustworthy compromise between experience and security

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7 JULI 2022

Covid-19 Information

PortoBay Group's top priority is to protect and ensure the safety of its guests and employees

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