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More €35,000 for HOPE

More €35,000 for HOPE

PortoBay together with their guests have managed to raise another €35,000 for the Hope project! These are the results of the latest annual campaign for this social sustainability project, which ended in September. In nine years, we have donated €473,000! Thank you very much for your colaboration!

Team visits welfare institutions

This year, HOPE donations were delivered by PortoBay Group employees to the seven welfare institutions in Madeira, the Algarve, Lisbon and Porto. It was an opportunity to get to know the projects supported by HOPE at first hand, and understand the importance of PortoBay's contribution in their development. Meet the welfare institutions and read employees’ testimonials in our blog article!

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13 NOVEMBER 2020

More than 47,628 euros for HOPE

this is the result of joint contributions from PortoBay and our guests . ..

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17 FEBRUARI 2020

HOPE supports new institution

in Porto

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18 OKTOBER 2019

Thank you, 67,000 more smiles with HOPE !!

This is the result of the combined contribution of PortoBay and our guests

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