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PortoBay “Move for HOPE” raises 9,450 euros

PortoBay “Move for HOPE” raises 9,450 euros

This is one of the largest groups of competitors in the 60th Tour of the City of Funchal. 315 participants ran in Funchal as part of the "MOVE FOR HOPE” group, including hotel guests, customer, partners and the PortoBay team.

PortoBay Hotels & Resorts has been competing in the oldest Saint Silvester Road Race in Portugal since 2013, organised by the Athletics Association of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The aim of the hotel group is not only to promote a healthy lifestyle and social conviviality, but also to form a team who will be helping the "HOPE by PortoBay" charity campaign by participating.

For each competitor, the PortoBay group contributes €30 to this campaign. The 315 entries this year represent a donation of 9,450 euros. This is the 6th "Move for HOPE" initiative, which is part of the "HOPE by PortoBay” solidarity campaign.

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