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PortoBay Wine Week Madeira

PortoBay Wine Week Madeira

Come celebrate the wine with PortoBay Wine Week, taking place at PortoBay hotels' in Funchal !!

From 20th till 24th November, the hotels' guests can take part in wine tasting events, sample dinners designed to complement the wine and try wine massages in the SPA . . .. Reds, Rosés, whites, fresh, new wines, sparkling wines . .. discover the wines from the regions of the Douro, Alentejo, Minho and Madeira !!

All hotels are the scenery of wine dinners with invited sommeliers and chefs . .. exquisite tasting menus harmonized by a careful selection of wines.

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16 JUNI 2021

We help you to schedule your Covid-19 test

PortoBay has partnered with local health services

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15 JUNI 2021

Special Safety Measures at Madeira

Madeira island has implemented special safety measures.

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4 JUNI 2021

Il Gallo d’Oro restaurant has reopened . ..

with some new features !!

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