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Il Gallo d’Oro presents its new video

Il Gallo d'Oro restaurant at the five-star hotel The Cliff Bay, Funchal, has a new video!

A journey through the restaurant’s sustainable philosophy and concept, filled with authentic sounds and vibrant colours and narrated by the restaurant's own chef - Benoît Sinthon. An engaging video which conveys the essence of Il Gallo d’Oro and the team’s dedication, a restaurant which has been awarded 2 Michelin stars and 1 Green Star.


The video takes us to the PortoBay vegetable garden, where it all started. The soul of the kitchen at Il Gallo d’Oro is the growing of fresh local produce full of flavour, for which it was awarded a Green Star by the Michelin Guide. The PortoBay vegetable garden supplies produce to several of the Group’s hotels and restaurants in Madeira, including Il Gallo d'Oro. Pitanga, beetroot, corn on the cob, artichokes, fennel, leek, rainbow chard, baby vegetables, broad beans, peas, eggs . .. all organically grown, are some of the ingredients that Chef Benoît Sinthon and his team bring from the garden to the table in the most surprising ways!

This is the guarantee of a cuisine that focuses on local products and high quality, from the kitchen to the dining table. Madeiran products predominate, from the coastal fish that is carefully selected by the chef, to the corn from the north of the island, and the ice plant from Caniçal . ... a careful selection that pays tribute to the tradition and flavours of Madeira, without forgetting Chef Benoît’s French roots.


The entire restaurant team is shown as it really is, a dedicated family that has been built up over time. Enthusiasm, knowledge and teamwork have created this orchestra that plays in harmony to guarantee a memorable experience for visitors to the restaurant.


There's a lot to discover in this video; watch it below and enjoy the journey!

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