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14 mayo 2018
Madeira Flower Festival: What you cannot miss !!
Mad Luisroberto Festaflor 21

During the Flower Festival, the island has a fresh and contagious beauty. You can easily fall in love with thousands of natural flowers, displayed on the flower carpets, parades, markets, decorations, murals and of course, at PortoBay hotels.

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30 abril 2018
Holiday at Vila Porto Mare
Vpm Gardens 1

"During the Easter holidays, we went to Vila Porto Mare resort for a few days. We wanted to rest and spend quality time as a family, without stress. We were not interested in big plane trips. We just wanted to feel in 'holiday mode' in Madeira. Here's our daily life at Vila Porto Mare !!"

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30 abril 2018
Suggestions for spring/summer
at Il Gallo d’Oro
Tcb Igo Caldoso Signature

Spring 2018 Lobster, Discovery of the Sea Route, Madeira Coast Caldoso or Exotic Inspiration . .. are just some of the new dishes on the Il Gallo d’Oro restaurant menu this spring. Come and try them !!


30 abril 2018
Now you can do padel
at the PortoBay Falesia hotel

Like doing padel ? Never tried this sport, but are curious ? Now you can do padel at the PortoBay Falésia hotel !! The hotel in Olhos d’Água (Albufeira . Algarve) is all set up for this sport . .. we have equipment available at reception !!

23 abril 2018
in Lisbon !!
Pb Concerto1

The PortoBay Liberdade and PortoBay Marquês hotels are associated with the Rock in Rio Music festival, which takes place on the 23, 24, 29 and 30 June in the Portuguese capital !! Signed guitars, personalised menus . .. the Rock in Rio experience starts right here in the hotel !!

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20 abril 2018
The classics never go out of style

There are places that never go out of fashion. They reinvent themselves with each new show, surprise you on every visit, supply you with unforgettable memories. How can you not be carried away by the emotions of live opera or ballet ? How can you not admire the beauty of architectural form ? The line-up changes every season, so there is no shortage of reasons not to return to the usual places.

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17 abril 2018
Fado nights
at Bistrô4

The Fado tradition arrives at the Bistrô4 restaurant, in the PortoBay Liberdade hotel !!
Between 20:30 and 22:30, dinner will be accompanied by a live performance from the group Fado Inverso, comprising fadista Ana Roque and guitarist João David Almeida.
The dates are as follows:
29 March
12 and 26 April
3 and 24 May
14 and 28 June
12 and 26 July

Book your place now: or 210 015 700.

16 abril 2018
Flowers adorn
hotels in Madeira
Tapetes Detail

The Flower Festival is here again and, of course, the PortoBay hotels in Madeira are joining in this celebration !!
Between 19 and 25 April, lobbies will be decorated with floral arrangements . .. petals, leaves and flowers from the country combine in various forms with traditional island features. During this period various activities are organised : guided tours of the gardens, workshops, themed dinners . ..
Be part of this !!
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13 abril 2018
Must-try desserts at PortoBay
VPM Ilbasilico Brownie Baixa

Desserts are created for our pleasure. They are not mere complements to a meal. The sweet flavours, the diverse textures and aromas are the indispensable finishing of this culinary art.
If you think one does not eat with our eyes, look again at these pictures and read their descriptions. Devour them mentally and then visit each of these restaurants and taste them slowly, one spoon at a time . ..

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