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Il Basilico's best dishes are back !!

Il Basilico's best dishes are back !!

Il Basilico is holding a festival to revive its best dishes. The ones you liked the most or the ones you missed the most! The menu contains the dishes that were most popular with our customers, together with some new ones from the Chef! After the festival, the most popular dishes will become part of the restaurant’s new menu, so don't forget to give your feedback!

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30 JULIO 2021

New culinary concept in Porto

After Madeira and Lisbon, there is now an Il Basilico restaurant in Porto!

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8 JULIO 2021

Il Basilico now in Lisbon

new design and a new even more irresistible menu

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8 JULIO 2021

Avista is a finalist in the ‘7 Wonders of New Cuisine’

This dish, which is competing in the ‘Appetisers’ category, is based on traditional ingredients

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