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16 things your children will love at PortoBay

16 things your children will love at PortoBay 

Holidays always make unforgettable memories, especially for kids who are always discovering new adventures!! At the PortoBay hotels we make every effort to make sure our guests have good memories of the relaxing times they spend with us, from the arrival time to the departure date.


1. Sweet surprises upon arrival

2. The adjoining rooms

3. Pillow fights

4. Spending hours in the swimming pools

5. The hotel breakfasts and the unforgettable pancakes

6. The buffet dinners

7. Ice creams

8. Dancing to the sound of live music

9. The children’s menus in the restaurants

10. Playing in the gardens

11. Diving into the Atlantic . ..
from the pontoon of The Cliff Bay hotel.

12. Exploring every corner of the gardens

13. Watching television in the bedroom

14. Made-to-measure dressing gowns and special amenities . ..

at the PortoBay Flores and PortoBay Liberdade hotels.

15. New cuddly toy friends . ..

at the PortoBay Flores hotel!

16. Playing in the playground

Stay with us and find out the treats your children can enjoy during their stay!

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Raise a toast with our Santa’s Cocktail

Created at the hotel PortoBay Flores by Barman João Félix, Santa's Cocktail is made with a Port wine base and is sure to transport your taste buds to the Invincible City of Porto

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