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Stay Classy: Addicted to Travelling


Meet Stay Classy, the writers of the PortoBay travel guides


In 2017, their addiction to travel got the better of them. They sold their flat in Copenhagen, left their jobs behind and decided to become full-time YouTubers. This could be the plot of a movie, but in reality, it is the story of Joen and Amalie, the creators of the YouTube channel 'Stay Classy', which has 98,000 subscribers and over 500 videos.


This Danish couple met in 2016 and, united by their passion for travel, they packed their bags and set off exploring. They have now visited around 60 countries.

The YouTube channel was created during a three-month trip to Australia. Joen was following the work of American Youtuber Casey Neistat and, inspired by his funny and creative way of telling stories, decided to buy himself a microphone and a camera. "This is when we decided to start recording videos, without having a clue what we were doing," they admit. "Looking back, it was crazy", they acknowledge, stressing that, "we had no followers and no income from YouTube. We had 300 subscribers, but we liked it so much that we kept making videos".


With a need to gain subscribers, they realised that videos about Portugal were in high demand. They then decided to settle in Lisbon and produce content about Portugal. "It was a happy coincidence, we really liked this country. Of course, the weather is very good, especially for those who come from Denmark where the winters are long and dark", they explain.

Based in Lisbon, it didn't take them long to discover Madeira. "We fell madly in love with this island and after the fourth visit, we decided to move to Funchal; it became our sanctuary and refuge from the world".


In 2021 we suggested that they make travel guides for the destinations where PortoBay has hotels and they took on the challenge!! You can find these guides on the TV in your room and also on the PortoBay YouTube channel.

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