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Measures Lisbon, Porto & Algarve

Measures Lisbon, Porto & Algarve

(Updated June 21)


General measures:

During the outbreak of pneumonia by the new Coronavirus – COVID-19 the Portuguese government has been taking all necessary public health measures to protect the entire population. The analysis of the evolution of the outbreak is constant and implementation of new measures will be carried out whenever necessary. General behavior guidelines were enacted, in which all people must adopt the following rules:

- Social distancing;
- Frequent hand washing;
- Mandatory use of mask;
- Respiratory etiquette.


Situation of calamity was declared, between June 14th and 27th, and the application of the following measures:

(Does not apply to the portuguese islands. See here measures implemented on Madeira island.)



- Restaurants, cafes and patisseries can be open until 22:30 (inside, with a maximum of 6 people per group; on the terrace, 10 people per group);
- Cultural shows until 22:30;
- Weddings and baptisms with 50% of the capacity;
- Food and non-food retail trade until 9 pm;
- Permission to practice all sports, without public;
- Permission to practice physical activity outdoors and in gyms;
- Events abroad with reduced capacity, to be defined by the General Directorate of Health (DGS);

- Circulation to and from the Lisbon Metropolitan Area is prohibited on weekends between 3pm on Friday and 6am on Monday, with the following exceptions:
- professional activities (provided that it is accompanied by a declaration);
- health reasons;
- attendance at school establishments;
- necessary circulation to leave the mainland national territory;
- circulation of non-resident citizens to places of proven permanence;
- return home.



- Restaurants, cafés, and pastry shops must close at 1 am, with admission until midnight.
- Cultural facilities must close at 1 am, with admission until midnight. 50% capacity limit.
- Outdoor events with marked places, distance rules and other specific rules to be defined by the General Directorate of Health.
- Amateur sports and training events, with public, will have marked places and distance rules defined by the DGS. In sports venues they can only occupy 33% of the capacity.
- Shops and shopping centres without time restrictions.
- Public transport without capacity restriction. Maximum occupancy of 2/3 when seating and standing.
- Taxis and TVDE with limited capacity for the rear seats.



More information here.


In response to the current pandemic, PortoBay developed the hygiene and safety protocol 'Together We Care', which implements a set of measures in accordance with the guidelines of WHO and national and regional health authorities. Learn more here.







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