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Madeira Island

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ATLANTIC OCEAN, with its landscape, mild climate, unique waterways, traditions and festivals, cuisine, boat trips, water sports and mountains, gardens and flowers, embroidery and wine, make Madeira a multifaceted island destination.

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FEEL THE LIGHT OF THE ALGARVE !! The sun, hospitality, beaches, golf, castles, red cliffs, little fishing communities, the wealth of fish and fresh sea food, are all compelling reasons for our visitors.

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LISBON IS FADO, HISTORY, CUISINE . .. cosmopolitan, hospitality and light . .. a light that impresses those that visit and brings the city's architecture alive. We're really looking so forward to welcoming you in the Portuguese capital.

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HISTORIC STREETS, GASTRONOMY, WINE, HOSPITALITY . .. the hand-painted tile façades, the River, the bridges, the Douro, the night-life, the delicacies and the longing for more . .. are what make us return to “embrace” Porto. It offers unforgettable experiences as the stage for endless events, traditions and attractions.

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Rio de Janeiro

MARVELLOUS CITY !! The rhythms, the heat and the joy are a part of this city with a unique landscape . .. between the Corcovado and the Pão de Açúcar one can see Copacabana, Leblon and Ipamena! Breathe the happiness of the Samba, the Bossa Nova and Carnival . ..

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A BEAUTIFUL PENINSULA WITH 23 BEACHES !! Búzios looks more like an island, but it's really a beautiful peninsula with 23 beaches! About two hours from Rio de Janeiro, this fishing village is a must-see refuge that is a perfect mix of nature and the eclectic life.

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São Paulo

A CITY FILLED WITH LIFE, CULTURE AND MOVEMENT !! The cultural frenzy of the most cosmopolitan city in South America is all around. In fashion, the financial district, in the pulse of this impressive city, in the cuisine, culture, glamour, the classic and modern, the architecture, in the elegance and the style . ..

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