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São Paulo

cosmopolitanism, culture, flavours, fashion, glamour…


São Paulo has two airports with flights from all over the world.
The São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (Cumbica) is the busiest in South America and is 25 km from the centre of São Paulo.
Congonhas International Airport, just 8 km from the centre of São Paulo is served by the city's shuttle bus system.

São Paulo

The cultural frenzy of the most cosmopolitan city in South America is all around! In fashion, the financial district, in the pulse of this impressive city, in the cuisine, culture, glamour, the classic and modern, the architecture, in the elegance and the style!!

Besides being the largest financial centre in Latin America, this is a city filled with life, culture and movement!

In São Paulo you can enjoy the artistic and creative spirit, in a great cultural offering, shopping, and highly diversified cuisine...

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What to do

Municipal market Architecture roadmap, museum roadmap, museum of magic, theme parks, gastronomy, villa Madalena, São Paulo aquarium, Ipiranga neighbourhood, São Paulo's Stock exchange, Grafitti: street art, nature tourism, sports , Júlio Prestres centre, shopping...

Avenida Paulista

Is the city's main artery. Museums, culture, the Trianon park, book shops, bars, shops, restaurants, theatre shows, cinema... all on one Avenue.

Ibirapuera Park

Located in the heart of the city and created to commemorate its 400th anniversary, the Ibirapuera Park is the most famous of the many green spaces in the city.

Liberdade Neighbourhood

Formerly considered the Japanese neighbourhood of São Paulo, a mixture of shops with exotic products, typical restaurants and lots more...

Municipal Market

The São Paulo Municipal Market is the obligatory stop for anyone visiting the city, a real pleasure for those seeking new flavours.

Architecture Roadmap

Museum of Sacred Art, Júlio Prestes Station, the Viaduto do Chá (Tea Viaduct), the modernists MASP and Oca do Ibirapuera, the Vila Olímpia, the Consolação Cemetery...

Museum Roadmap

Museum of Modern Art (MAM), the Portuguese Language Museum, the Pinacoteca do Estado art museum, the Ipiranga Museum, the Museum of Sacred Art are just some not to be missed.

Museum of Magic

With books and every type of article on the subject; in addition it offers courses, workshops and other activities in its programme

Theme Parks

Anyone travelling with children should know that São Paulo has some theme parks which are great fun for kids and adults alike.


German restaurants, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Australian, Jewish, Moroccan, Lebanese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Greek, Vietnamese, Mexican and Argentinean restaurants, among many others.

Vila Madalena

This neighbourhood has been known for being the bohemian hangout of São Paulo since the beginning of the 70s. Ateliers, exhibitions, vanguard shops, music schools, theatres...

São Paulo Aquarium

60 thousand square metres divided into four sections: the Oceanarium, Fresh Water, Palaeontology Museum and the Valley of the Dinosaurs, full of perfect replicas.

Ipiranga Neighbourhood

The ride through the historic district of Ipiranga is aboard a 1930s boat. The course includes important points of the neighborhood.

São Paulo’s Stock Exchange

São Paulo’s Stock Exchange (Bovespa) has an area which the general public can visit.

Graffiti: Street Art

A large part of the almost 100 thousand streets and avenues has been transformed into true open air art galleries by graffiti artists, which are worthy as a tourist roadmap for the sector.

Nature Tourism

A rich variety of flora and fauna, waterfalls, trails, crystal clear rivers and streams, dams and even a viewpoint with a privileged view over the coast of São Paulo.


Whether it’s athletics, basketball, swimming, volleyball, rowing, tennis, skateboarding, golf, horse riding or even football.

Júlio Prestres Centre

Holds the São Paulo Hall with a 1500 capacity, currently the home of the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra.


In shopping centres alone, São Paulo boasts more than 9,000 shops! São Paulo has more shopping centres than any other city in Brazil.

Sao Paulo Altino Arantes Building Jefferson Pancieri