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10 Algarve Secrets

Join us at the PortoBay Falésia Hotel and discover with us all the secrets of the Algarve!



Situated in the south of Portugal, the Algarve is considered Europe’s best kept secret. With its Mediterranean climate and beautiful natural surroundings, visitors passing through here can discover hidden corners and take part in activities they’ll look back on with fondness.

Join us at the PortoBay Falésia Hotel and discover with us all the secrets of the Algarve!

1. Cooking with soul

Delight your palate with a taste of the sea. A pinch of salt here, a squeeze of lemon there . .. Tasting the rich flavours of traditional Algarve cuisine is a must, but you should always take your time.

Delight in the exceptional variety of fish and seafood on offer. Corn meal porridge with razor clams, horse mackerel, cataplana of clams and Algarve-style baby squid are some of the best-known and most popular dishes in the region.

But the Algarve is not only about the sea; thanks to its Barrocal and mountainous regions, the chickpea and bean stews and gazpacho are other dishes you can try. .. Dip some homemade bread in olive oil and enjoy this mixture of Algarve flavours.

2. Confectionary

Sample some typical regional desserts and make your days sweeter in the Algarve.

Fine sweets, also known as morgadinhos, come first in this delicious list of options to choose from. But you must also remember to try the well-known and very tasty Dom Rodrigo, the figs filled with almonds, carob sweets, the famous folar cake and filhoses (sweet dumplings).

3. The best beaches in Europe

Dense white sand surrounded by cliffs and rocky mountains, calm water and a safe environment are some of the characteristics that make these beaches unique.

If you are looking to relax and get away from the crowds, you should visit the Ilhas da Deserta, Culatra or Farol. If you are looking for a beach with a bit of everything, you can always opt for the more urban beaches closer to the cities, such as Meia Praia or Praia dos Pescadores.

4. Calm nights

Discover the Algarve nights and all the experiences they hold. .. Enjoy a quiet evening out with the family in the marinas of Albufeira, Portimão or Vilamoura which are good for a few hours of conversation at any one of the various cafés and bars along the waterfront.

5. Nature all around you

Discovering the Algarve is like waking up your adventurous spirit and leaving your daily routine behind. It means grabbing your backpack and your sense of adventure and getting off the beaten track, where you have time to observe the natural world around you. Whether you walk the Aromas Trail, the Castelejo Environmental Trail, go bird watching on the Vicentine Coast or dive into the Pego do Inferno or Barbelote waterfalls, something is bound to make an impression. ..

6. Heritage to discover

Exploring the Algarve is more than just enjoying the wonderful beaches, the good food and the great climate. It is also getting to know what it once was. Among the many museums, churches, archaeological finds, characteristic architecture and monuments, you can experience centuries of history and its meaning. This is a heritage rich in the vestiges of past civilisations that have made the Algarve what it is today. The Fortress at Cape St. Vincent, the Church of Luz de Lagos and the Castle at Aljezur are just some of the places to discover.

7. Festivities and traditions

The true Algarvian is always ready to party! The truth is that whether it’s summer or winter, the Algarve is always celebrating.

Popular festivals, theme nights and religious celebrations are some of the events that regularly occur in the region. The Medieval fair in Silves is already a symbol of the city. Entrudo, better known as Loulé Carnival, when everyone goes out dressed up and ready to dance, is also an annual event in the region.
Let's not forget the popular saints' festivals and their marches which, in the Algarve's hot summer, bring people out into the streets to celebrate the deep traditions of the past.

8. Activities

There are countless activities you can enjoy while you are here.

For sports enthusiasts, the extensive golf courses and many tennis courts are perfect, both for players and fans of these sports. For motor sports enthusiasts, there is always a race happening at the Algarve International Racetrack, where adrenaline runs high.

For a family day out, a visit to the Zoomarine or Lagos Zoo means guaranteed fun for kids and adults alike.

There are also water parks with slides of various shapes and sizes for those who like to add water to their fun.

9. Local and homemade produce

Homemade produce is synonymous with quality and nothing is better than a product made from scratch and served with Algarve care.

Treat your palate to the region's wines, try the sweet potatoes from Aljezur and the honey from the Monchique mountains, eat the famous Algarve oranges and taste the much-talked-about carob liqueurs.

10. Original handicrafts

It's the memories we take from each place that make it special. Whether they are photographs, souvenirs or small reminders of the region itself.

In the Algarve, handicrafts are one of the most important local businesses. Pottery, basketry, cork and copper items have a prominent place in this type of commerce.

Handicraft fairs are a must on the regional agenda, such as the Al Buhera Festival, where visitors can learn about the origins of different handicraft products and take home a unique and distinctive treat to remember later.


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