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This was 2021. .. {the year in review}


The New Year has arrived and with 2022 many opportunities to create new and fantastic memories. But because unforgettable things happened in 2021, why not remember them?

The Cliff Bay modernised

We have renovated The Cliff Bay and now you can enjoy your hotel with even more breathtaking, uninterrupted views.
The improvements at our five-star hotel included the rooms, reception, lobby and the Il Gallo d'Oro restaurant, ensuring more light throughout the hotel, but with the same comfort and friendliness as always!
Complete changes to the window frames in the rooms and lobby now offer clearer views and ensure greater energy efficiency. The presidential suite has been completely refurbished, as have the Atlantic suites.

Porto Mare with a new look in the common areas

Right at the entrance, in the lobby of the hotel Porto Mare reception, the atmosphere is one of comfort, with plenty of natural light and contemporary-style furniture. This look extends into the lower lobby, where the décor and ornaments have also been renewed. In the Portofino bar, the beige and neutral tones provide a lighter and more modern touch to the space.

Vila Porto Mare - Portofino Bar

New room at Porto Santa Maria

Modern, cosy and welcoming, the Captain's Lounge is the new dining space at the Porto Santa Maria hotel! There is a self-contained area within the Captain's bar, where you can comfortably enjoy the bar menu or a leisurely dinner in a cosy atmosphere . ..

PortoBay Rio de Janeiro with new façade

With its excellent location on Avenida Atlântida, right in front of Copacabana beach, the PortoBay Rio de Janeiro hotel was closed for a complete renewal of the façade, a long-awaited project that besides solving some structural problems, brought a whole new look to the hotel building located in Copacabana.

Something new at the PortoBay Falésia

The entrance lobby of the hotel PortoBay Falésia has been refurbished and has lighter décor, giving a fresher ambience in tune with the hotel's location near the beach. The junior suites have also been renovated and are now decorated in light colours and wood finishes.

PortoBay Falésia - Lobby

PortoBay Teatro totally refurbished and almost unrecognisable

After a year of closed doors, our four-star hotel in Porto, the hotel PortoBay Teatro, reopened completely refurbished. Now much lighter, more open to the outside, more comfortable, more relaxed . ... and also, with the delicious restaurant Il Basilico right at the entrance! The neutral tones, colours, light wood finishes, bamboo and warm lighting provide a comfortable and truly cosy ambience.

Audience - PortoBay Hotel Teatro

We are celebrating the renovation of the Il Gallo d'Oro restaurant, two Michelin stars and a green star

The restaurant Il Gallo d’Oro, in Funchal, reopened in 2021 with a total refit in the dining room and some more modern, contemporary touches. One of the new features is the ‘Chef’s Table’, located in the centre of the room, which allows greater proximity between Chef Benoît Sinthon's team and the customers.
At the Michelin Portugal and Spain Gala, which took place on 12 December, our restaurant renewed its 2 Michelin stars and also received a green star that rewards sustainability in gastronomy.

We received 88 awards

We have been awarded national and international prizes for excellence in hospitality and gastronomy. Most of these awards were given based on feedback from our customers! Thank you for recognising our work and for choosing PortoBay!

Over 35,000 smiles spread for HOPE

PortoBay together with their guests has managed to raise over €35,000 for the HOPE project! The PortoBay teams got to know the seven institutions that we support, from the North to the South of the country and saw the direct impact that each one of them has on the communities they support.
Over the nine years of HOPE’s existence, we have already distributed €473,000. Thank you for your support!

PortoBay HOPE

We created the PortoBay Gastronomic Academy

During 2021, the PortoBay Gastronomic Academy was created, an internal training facility that focuses on attention to detail and the gastronomic experience offered in the Group's hotels.
At the head of this academy is Chef Benoît Sinthon, who has now assumed the role of gastronomic consultant for the PortoBay group. As the Head Chef at The Cliff Bay and responsible for the restaurant Il Gallo d’Oro, he will now work closely with the other Chefs in the Group to jointly develop concepts, incorporate even more sustainability practices and share techniques and knowledge.

New gastronomic sub-brands in Lisbon and Porto

Another effect of the PortoBay Gastronomic Academy is the consolidation of two culinary sub-brands - Il Basilico and Bistrô - so that these concepts are now common to all group hotels in Portugal. Both concepts were winners with their base, so the brand and dining experience was extended to the different hotel destinations.
In this way, the Il Basilico concept that was already present in Madeira, has now been taken to Porto, to the PortoBay Teatro, and also to Lisbon, to the PortoBay Marquês where they are already making it a great success!
The Bistrô concept can be found at Bistrô4 (Lisbon), at Bistrô Flores (Porto) and at Avista (Madeira).


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