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8 unforgettable experiences in Madeira



Madeira is the destination of choice for anyone looking for a mild climate, year-round sunshine, nature and lots of different activities.

In addition to all the well-known tourist attractions (some more familiar than others), there are many experiences that the island offers that are sure to enrich your holidays. Shall we take a look?


1. Sailing Trip along the South Coast of Madeira


The crystal-clear sea and panoramic views from the island's coastline are some of the reasons you can't miss this experience! Whether you want to watch the sunrise in the middle of the ocean, admire the sunset while enjoying a glass of sparkling wine or take a full-day trip, relaxation is guaranteed.

Check out all the options available and make your reservation!


2. Sail on a private yacht

Prefer something a little more exclusive? We’ve got the ideal option!
Explore Madeira's south coast on board a private yacht and spend a memorable day sailing the island's marvellous waters.

This trip includes drinks and snacks, and you can request an extra lunch on board. Oh. ... and of course there's time for a dip in the crystal-clear sea surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

You can also go for a walk in the Ponta de São Lourenço nature reserve, sail to the Desertas Islands or to Porto Santo.

Find out more and don’t miss the chance to experience Madeira in an unforgettable way.


3. Water sports

Spotting dolphins and whales on a boat trip is wonderful, but for those who enjoy diving, you may be lucky enough to see different species of these animals, as well as a whole range of marine life right up close. If you prefer, you can also go snorkelling, which doesn't require a course but still means you can admire the beauty of the seabed.


4. Canyoning

This activity is designed for lovers of adventure and nature. Thanks to the island's terrain, Madeira offers ideal conditions for practising this sport. Descending Madeira's streams offers fun and adventure, but please note that this is a risky activity, so care and safety are essential.
Find out more about this sport, where you can do it and how to make a reservation.


5. Breakfast on Pico do Areeiro

Take a deep breath and imagine yourself having a delicious and exclusive breakfast above the clouds, in an idyllic setting worthy of a film. .. amazing, no?

Experience the peace and indescribable beauty of the sunrise from Pico do Areeiro while you savour a breakfast prepared especially for you in the middle of nature. The sunrise at Pico do Areeiro is a must-see for anyone visiting the island of Madeira, so why not make this experience even more special and enjoy it with this extra treat?

You can opt for a personalised breakfast which means you can choose the items you want, and you can also request a photographer/videographer to save these memories for posterity.

See all the details here and go up to the clouds in comfort.

Tem que aceitar as cookies para ver este conteúdo


6. Guided tour of the cellars at Blandy’s Wine Lodge

Madeira wine is one of the most famous and widely appreciated products in the world. Coming to Madeira and not tasting Madeira wine is, as they say . ... like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope.

Take the opportunity to visit the cellars, learn more about the 200-year history of this wine, the production methods and at the end a delicious tasting! This guided tour is available in several languages including English, Portuguese, German, French and Spanish.

Find out more and book now


7. Bicycle rides

The Free Ride offers a range of bicycle rides around the island.

You can opt for a BTT experience Cross Country over 25km on ancient trails through the Subtropical Forest, or do an Enduro, off-road tour where you can explore the interior of the island and admire unique landscapes and exceptional trails for 30 kilometres.


8. Afternoon Tea

Overlooking magnificent landscapes, you can enjoy a delicious afternoon tea with scones, homemade jams, mini sandwiches, smoked salmon, egg mimosa, a selection of teas and much more!

You can enjoy this experience at the 5-star hotel The Cliff Bay, at the Avista restaurant (in the 5-star hotel Les Suites at The Cliff Bay), at the 4-star resort Vila Porto Mare or at the PortoBay Serra Golf, our boutique 4-star hotel in Santo da Serra.

All experiences offered by PortoBay partners guarantee a discount for our Prestige members. Check out all our partners in Madeira and start enjoying these benefits now!

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