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PortoBay celebrates 'Barbie'


The long awaited release of the movie "Barbie" has given people a lot to talk about, and we couldn't sit on the sidelines . .. that's why we're inspired by the film and all the pink in the air, and we've created some very special cocktails !!

Follow our recipes so that you can recreate our cocktails and celebrate Barbie in your own home . ..


We start with the "Pinktail", the cocktail created by the Les Suites at The Cliff Bay hotel that will make your mouth water . ..

½ measure Grenadine

4cl coconut syrup

4cl passion fruit juice

4cl pineapple juice

2cl single cream

4cl vodka

Mix and . .. it's ready !! Sweet, delicious and, of course, pink!

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At the Vila Porto Mare resort, the "Smokey Marshmallow" is the cocktail of choice . ..

8 pitangas

40ml of Canning's gin

30ml Safari liqueur

20ml lemon juice

80ml cranberry juice

25ml vanilla and lychee syrup

Fee foam

Mix and enjoy!!

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At the 4-star Porto Santa Maria hotel in Funchal, we present you with the "Lady Beet" . ..

5cl vodka

5cl beetroot juice

Lime drops

Mix, add lemonade and a little whipped cream, and it's ready to serve !!

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"Strawberry Pink" is the Barbie-inspired cocktail that the PortoBay Serra Golf boutique hotel in Madeira has created especially for you. ...

2cl vodka

4cl home-made strawberry liqueur

2cl cream

1cl Monin cane sugar

Mix and voilá . ... Your drink is ready!

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In Lisbon, the 5-star PortoBay Liberdade hotel has created the "Sparkly Bubblegum", full of glitter and delicious . ..

4cl vodka

1cl bubblegum syrup

1cl pink grapefruit syrup

1cl lemon juice

Fee foam

Edible glitter

Mix and enjoy !!

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The amazing "Candyland" is the cocktail at the 4-star PortoBay Marquês hotel in Lisbon . ..

25ml Bacardi Coco rum

50ml Bacardi white rum

75ml red fruit juice

25ml lemon juice

1 spoonful coconut syrup

12 drops of fee foam

Mix and enjoy !!

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Further north, the PortoBay Teatro hotel, in Porto, presents "Sweet Margot", inspired not only by Barbie, but also by actress Margot Robbie . ..

1.5cl lemon juice

5cl Bombay Sapphire gin

7cl cranberry juice

2cl melon syrup

8 drops of fee foam

Mix and it's ready to try !!

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At the 5-star PortoBay Flores hotel, in Porto, inspiration comes in the form of the "Malibu Dream" . ..

0.5cl lemon juice

4cl Malibu rum

4cl pineapple juice

0.5cl grenadine

3cl cranberry juice

Mix and enjoy your drink!!

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In the lands of the Algarve, the "Pink Bird" has enchanted the PortoBay Falésia hotel, in Olhos d'Água. ...

0.5cl lemon

2cl strawberry pulp

1cl coconut liqueur

3cl vodka

Mix and let yourself go with this incredible cocktail !!

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And because the Barbie fever has also arrived in Brazil, the PortoBay Búzios hotel presents us with "Fruity Bay" . ..

1 measure tonic water

1 measure Bombay Gin

1 measure Grenadine

1 measure pitaya

Mix and enjoy these magnificent flavours !!

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At the 4-star PortoBay Rio de Janeiro hotel, overlooking Copacabana, pink has arrived in force with "Pinktastic" . ..

1½ measures gin

3 drops food colouring

Mix and top up with Sprite and ginger foam !!

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