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The PortoBay initiative HOPE was set up in 2012 and has been helping institutions in the Algarve, Lisbon, Porto and Madeira. This commitment combines an annual donation from the PortoBay group with guests' donations of €1 per stay/room.


This year, the majority of our guests contributed, and 706 made an extra donation over the amount requested. It is also thanks to these contributions that we have exceeded the expected fund-raising figures year after year. You will be pleased to hear that the institutions we have helped as part of this campaign are very grateful and will continue to work with commitment and dedication for the well-being of their users.


This year, HOPE raised €75,742, making a total of €615,000 over 11 years.
Throughout the month of November our teams visited institutions all over Portugal and experienced first-hand the difficulties and needs of each of the causes we support.


Let’s find out about the Albufeira Humanitarian Solidarity Association


The Albufeira Humanitarian Solidarity Association (AHSA) in the Algarve welcomed some of our employees from PortoBay Falésia and gave them an insight into their work. This institution seeks not only to help the most disadvantaged in Albufeira, but also the senior community.


Fernando Reis Filipe, Manager of the PortoBay Falésia hotel, recognises the value and impact that projects like HOPE have on people’s quality of life and on improving their well-being.

“The AHSA board has expressed its gratitude for helping an organisation that struggles daily with financial difficulties and relies on the support of the civil and business community to maintain the services it provides to its users. There is a feeling of having fulfilled a duty.”

Bringing HOPE smiles to CADIn, the Sant’Egídio Community and the  Life and Peace Community


In Lisbon, HOPE has embraced CADIn, a private social welfare institution (IPSS) that encourages the inclusion of people with special needs and neuro-developmental changes.

By continuing to spread smiles in Lisbon, HOPE is sponsoring the Life and Peace Community, whose mission is to support people who are homeless or socially vulnerable, and to help rebuild meaning in the lives of those who seek them out.


The Sant’Egídio Community is another of the institutions embraced by HOPE, whose main mission is to help those most in need in over 70 countries, including people living in poverty, the elderly, the homeless, immigrants, etc.


Lisbon employees were given the opportunity to get to know the institutions and learn a little more about the challenges and day-to-day running of these organisations - and the key take-away was undoubtedly gratitude.


"This visit gave me a valuable insight into the impact these organisations have on the people who use them. It is comforting, gratifying and enriching to collaborate and be part of this HOPE project via PortoBay” Diogo Fragoso, Front Office Manager PortoBay Liberdade

"We can see the real impact that these institutions have on people's lives. It's gratifying to witness the transformative power of solidarity and dedication, and to be part of this HOPE project." Fátima Santos, Front Office Manager PortoBay Marquês


Heading north to the Portuguese Leukaemia and Lymphoma Association


In the North, HOPE visited the Portuguese Leukaemia and Lymphoma Association (APLL), which supports patients with blood cancer and their families, especially those most in need. This association subsists exclusively on donations, so HOPE and all of us have a fundamental role to play in the well-being and life of these people.


Finding out about the reality of the institutions motivates the fund-raising teams even more, as it enables them to understand in greater depth the impact that this help has on those who need it most.


"Without a doubt, the will to live, the resilience to begin afresh every day and the unquenchable desire for better days. It’s extremely gratifying to be an integral part of the company making this donation and the daily effort to collect funds, so that we can improve the lives of these people just a little. Seeing the smile on everyone's face is invigorating and shows us that the world is much more beautiful if we love and care for our neighbours." Diogo Lima, Housekeeping Economato


"It made me want to donate even more next year. Realising that the donations from our guests and from PortoBay have such an impact on people's lives makes me extremely proud to be part of this beautiful initiative in some way! The special sparkle I saw in those eyes is priceless." Bárbara Ribeiro, Sales Executive


"The will to keep smiling, not to give up, to be sure that I'm not just working for my own people, but that we're working for other people who believe in us and who are thrilled to have a helping hand. It has brought hope for a better world. These are visits that warm the heart." Tânia Martins, Food & Beverage

In the middle of the Atlantic with a common purpose


Moving on to the island of Madeira, HOPE gained an insight into the work of two institutions: the Madeira Regional Directorate of the Portuguese League Against Cancer (LPCC) and the Madeira Cerebral Palsy Association (APCM).


Portuguese League Against Cancer in Madeira

The visit to the headquarters of the Portuguese League Against Cancer (LPCC) in Madeira was marred by access and mobility difficulties. This is a problem that the League is trying to resolve, since it adds another obstacle for its users who are already physically impaired.

Cerebral Palsy Association of Madeira

Moving on to the Madeira Cerebral Palsy Association (APCM), our teams were able to look round the facilities and services of this IPSS, which helps youngsters and adults with cerebral palsy, or related neurological diseases, in terms of accommodation, employment and rehabilitation.

During the visit to these two institutes by HOPE and our employees, we were assured that this project is contributing to the greater good, as some of the Madeira employees tell us:


“Visiting the Madeira Cerebral Palsy Association and the Portuguese League Against Cancer enabled me to find out more about the work that each organisation does. This visit gave me a new perspective on lives that are different from my own. It made me appreciate even more each of these organisations that are doing their best every day to make a difference to the lives of the people who seek help from them. More than ever, I feel proud to be a part of PortoBay which is contributing immensely to these causes through the HOPE programme, and has such a positive impact on the mission of these associations.” Mariana Cruz, Marketing


"The visits made me both sad and very happy at the same time. Sad to see that some people are less fortunate, but it was quite emotional to see the difference that these institutions and their positive and caring staff can make to people's lives. It made me feel grateful for my life and proud of PortoBay and our guests for contributing and helping these people lead better lives." John Travers, Commercial


“This remarkable experience clearly demonstrates the importance of the support PortoBay gives to these institutions. It gave me a different view of the challenges they face every day. It is truly exemplary and inspiring work; it has made me look at life in a different way." Mara Gonçalves, General Governance


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PortoBay initiative HOPE was set up in 2012 and has been helping institutions in the Algarve, Lisbon, Porto and Madeira.



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