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Warm and sunny that’s Portugal


Portugal is known for its mild climate and pleasant temperatures all year round, especially when compared to other European countries.

If you are not a fan of cold, rain and snow then a winter getaway in Portugal is the ideal solution! The average temperatures all over the country are encouraging.

Find out what you can expect in each of Portugal's regions!


The Island of Madeira

The mild subtropical climate is very characteristic of Madeira. Of course, being an island, Madeira also has micro-climates, with different temperatures and weather in each place you visit. How many times have you heard that you can experience four seasons in one day? Well, in Madeira it's true.
Usually, the south coast of the island is warmer than the north coast, and the temperature tends to fall the higher you are, for example on the Pico do Areeiro.

It is no coincidence that Best European Destination considered Madeira the best place for a warm and sunny European winter holiday!
In Funchal and the South Coast, the average annual temperature is 19ºC, while on the North Coast it is around 17ºC. However, these temperatures vary during summer and winter; naturally, in summer, the temperatures are slightly higher. In the capital Funchal, for example, the average temperature is 23ºC, but in winter temperatures rarely drop below 16ºC.

Every year, Funchal enjoys more than 2000 hours of sunshine, a real privilege.
And for those who love a dip, the average sea temperatures vary between 17ºC and 23ºC.

So, if you want to follow the sun, all roads lead to Madeira! And to help you decide which place to visit first, just check out the live webcams which are spread all over the island, so you always know where the best weather is!

The accommodation on the island and the location you choose depends on what you value. If you prefer to stay in Funchal, we have several hotels at your disposal! There is the 4-star Vila Porto Mare Resort located in Lido, The Cliff Bay and Les Suites at The Cliff Bay, both 5-star hotels next to each other or if you prefer a private villa with all amenities and luxury you can always stay at La Villa at The Cliff Bay. If you prefer the centre of Funchal you can opt for our 4-star hotel, the Porto Santa Maria located in the city's historical quarter. But if you prefer to be close to nature, our 4-star boutique hotel, the PortoBay Serra Golf is the right choice!


The Algarve is a well-known destination for summer holidays, but its charms extend into winter, especially for its mild temperatures and sunny days. In fact, Faro is considered one of the warmest cities in Europe, including in winter!

In winter, the average temperature in the Algarve is between 15ºC and 18ºC and in summer it can reach highs of 30ºC.

Did you know that the Algarve only has an average of 50 days of rain per year? This region is hot and dry, so the winters are pleasant and mild.

It is for all these reasons (and many others) that the Algarve is also in the top 3 European destinations for a warm and sunny winter break, according to the Best European Destinations!

If you don't like rain and bad weather then travel to the Algarve and enjoy a warm and sunny winter! When you need to decide which place to explore in the Algarve just check the webcams live and see where the best weather is.

Book your stay at PortoBay Falésia, our 4-star hotel located in Olhos d'Água, Albufeira, with its excellent location and direct access to Falésia beach.


Portugal's wonderful capital, Lisbon, is a city that deserves to be visited at any time of the year, especially for its light and inviting climate.

The average annual temperature is 18ºC, with winter around 12ºC and summer between 20ºC and 31ºC.

Even on cooler days, Lisbon is a city with plenty of light and 260 sunny days per year!

If you don't like to visit cities when it is too hot or when there are a lot of tourists, then visiting Lisbon in autumn and winter is the best option! You will find milder and cooler temperatures than in summer and enjoy a destination full of adventures.
What are you waiting for? 😉

See what the weather's like and set off to explore Lisbon, voted one of the best destinations for city breaks in Europe by Best European Destinations 2022!

You can stay at our 5-star hotel in Lisbon, the PortoBay Liberdade, located on Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon’s most luxurious avenue, right in the heart of the city and very close to the full range of transport links. A few minutes' walk away you will find the PortoBay Marquês, our 4-star hotel located in Rua Duque de Palmela, which is just around the corner from Marquês de Pombal Square and a few steps away from Avenida da Liberdade, a pleasant stroll from Lisbon's main attractions.


Although Porto is less warm, it is still a very desirable destination compared to other European cities with more severe winters.

The average temperature in autumn and spring is between 9ºC and 20ºC, but in winter it ranges between 5ºC and 15ºC. In summer, it may reach a maximum of 25ºC.

Porto is a city of unparalleled beauty, even when the weather is cloudy. Check out the weather here before leaving your hotel and follow the sun!

And speaking of hotels, you can choose to book your stay at PortoBay Flores, our charming 5-star hotel in Porto, located in Rua das Flores right in the heart of the city. You can also choose to stay at PortoBay Teatro, our 4-star hotel in Porto city centre, next to the Teatro Sá da Bandeira, just a 3-minute walk from São Bento railway station.

Book your winter getaway and come and discover the city that was voted one of the best destinations for city breaks in Europe by Best European Destination 2022.

Whether you decide to go to Madeira or the Algarve, or even to a city destination like Lisbon or Porto, you are bound to have an incredible holiday in our company!

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