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Prestige Regulations


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Prestige by PortoBay is the loyalty programme run by PORTOBAY, Sociedade Porto Bay Hoteis e Resorts, SA, headquartered at Rua do Gorgulho nº 2, Funchal, with share capital of €50,000, registered with the Commercial Registry Office of Funchal, with company number 511 140 916, hereinafter PortoBay.

Regulation in force from July 17th 2023.


• Registration and participation in the programme is free of charge;

• All individuals aged 18 years or older can register for the programme;

• Individuals must register on the PortoBay App or on the website to become members of the Prestige by PortoBay programme and enjoy its benefits;

• Individuals do not need to have a prior stay in a PortoBay hotel to be part of the programme;

• Once registered, a number will be assigned to identify the member of the Prestige by PortoBay Programme which enables them to enjoy the benefits offered. This number is personal and non-transferable;

• By registering, the member accepts all the General Terms and Conditions of the Prestige by PortoBay programme.


• The member can access his/her personal account on the PortoBay App or on the website;

• The XP (experience points) will be registered on this account each time the member checks out;

• Members will have access to their digital card;

• Members will have access to information about their Prestige level, benefits and offers;

• The account is personal and non-transferable and identifies the members according to their personal data;

• Each member can have only one account. PortoBay reserves the right to unilaterally delete any additional accounts that the member may have and to cancel any of the benefits that may be derived from this additional account;

• The member may cancel his/her personal account on the PortoBay App or on the website


• Level progression is based on counting stays and nights;

• Counting is done automatically and is based on Experience Points (XP); each stay is worth 6XP and each night is worth 1XP.
For example, if a customer stays for 4 nights, he or she will receive 10 XP (6XP for the stay + 4XP for the total number of nights) when checking out;

• XP are accumulated irrespective of the PortoBay group hotel the member is staying at;

• When members check out, they are given the XP for their stay and these are added to their total XP balance. When this balance total is sufficient to change level, the level change is made automatically and communicated by email;

• Non-effective stays (cancellations or no-shows) are not counted;

• In the case of stay extensions, only the XP for the nights added will be added to the total;

• XP are accumulated for life;

• XP cannot be transferred to another person;

• XP are awarded equally to all occupants of the room who are 18 years of age or older;

• XP cannot be redeemed for consumables or as a means of payment. They are exclusively a measure of a member's progression in the programme.


• The Prestige By PortoBay programme has 4 levels with different benefits;
• To reach the levels described below, members will need to meet the following criteria:

Welcome Level (0 Experience Points):
A Welcome member is any individual who has set up an account on the PortoBay App or website even if they don’t have a prior stay or future booking.

Silver Level (7 Experience Points):
Any guest who has between 7 and 99 XP (experience points) is a Silver level member.

Gold Level (100 Experience Points):
Any guest who who reaches 100 XP (experience points) is Gold level member.

Platinum Level (350 Experience Points):
Any guest who who reaches 350 XP (experience points) is Platinum level member.



Benefits vary according to Prestige level and hotel. Learn more here.


• In accordance with the Data Protection and Privacy Policy in force, which may be consulted at, and as a condition of joining the PortoBay Group's Loyalty Programme, the member expressly authorizes the computerised processing of this personal data for the purposes of information, promotion and communication of PortoBay hotel services and offers, and is able to exercise their rights to personal data protection and privacy at any moment by contacting the PortoBay Data Protection Officer at;

• Participation in the Programme implies full acceptance of this document, as well as PortoBay privacy policies and specific Programme policies;

• Rewards are exclusively for the room occupied by the member;

• Members must be registered on the PortoBay APP or in the personal area of to guarantee access to Prestige benefits, and must notify the hotel of their Prestige number before arrival;

• Prestige by PortoBay discounts and/or benefits are not retroactive, and cannot be combined with other campaigns or promotions;

• Other campaigns, such as Double Discounts, will only apply to members who are currently hosted at a PortoBay hotel;

• The food and drink discount cannot be used for special events;

• Membership is personal and non-transferable;

• Conditions only applicable to Time-share members:
a) Guests who have never stayed at PortoBay group hotels and who become Time-Share members will be recognized as Prestige Gold members, and begin their progression in the program with 0 XP;
b) Guests who already have previous stays in PortoBay before signing the contract will be recognized as Prestige Gold members, and will accumulate the XP already earned in previous stays;
c) Friends and relatives of Time-Share members who are not on the contract but stay in the owner's week will receive the XP related to that stay.That is, the Time-Share member does not collect XP for the week or days that were experienced by that friend/relative.

• If you wish to cancel your Prestige by PortoBay membership please access account settings on the App or at your personal area at and select the option "delete account";

• PortoBay has the right to change, correct or cancel Prestige levels resulting from anomalies in computer systems;

• PortoBay has the right to change or cancel the Prestige by PortoBay programme's terms and conditions, at any time, without prior notice and with no responsibility to programme members.


• The processing of personal data is carried out according to the general terms defined in the PortoBay Data Protection and Privacy Policy, and this policy is accessible on the various company sites through which it is possible to join Loyalty Programme;
• For membership and participation in the programme, it is necessary for some of your personal data to be processed, specifically your name, date of birth, e-mail and address;
• This personal data may be used for the purposes of managing the relationship and loyalty programme, namely: administration of programme members; provision of information on the status of members; analysis, development and improvement of services and exclusive offers; internal statistical research and analysis; sending promotional communications and news from the PortoBay Hotels & Resorts group;
• Members will be responsible for ensuring that the data provided is correct and up to date. Any changes may be made by telephone (+351) 291 703 711 (working days, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM), via e-mail to or by filling out the form in your personal area of;
• PortoBay Hotels & Resorts' Personal Data Protection Policy is available at, where you may exercise your rights as the data owner, including rights on information, access, consultation, correction or deletion, limitation or opposition to processing by contacting the PortoBay Data Protection Officer at


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