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5 tips for exploring the algarve



The Algarve is often associated with the crowded beaches and nightlife so typical of summer. However, there is an attractive and calmer aspect to it in winter which we think deserves a closer look! The beaches become much more peaceful, which is perfect for clearing your head. The picturesque white seafront houses stand out amongst the unique landscape, while the restaurants retain their high-quality local cuisine.

We’d like to share 5 tips to help you get the most out of what the Algarve has to offer and make your holiday a unique experience !!


Tip No.1: Bring a camera with you

The Algarve is known for its beautiful landscapes and for experiences that will last a lifetime. So don't forget to bring your camera with you to record these special moments, perhaps on a boat trip to explore the amazing coastline with its caves and cliffs, and beaches of unrivalled beauty. You may even spot dolphins playing in the crystal-clear waters and witness some of the unforgettable sunsets that are so typical of the Algarve. A truly unmissable and photo-worthy experience!

Tip No.2: Take a culinary tour and treat yourself to the flavours of the Algarve

The Algarve is a veritable treasure chest of surprises when it comes to its gastronomy, with dishes rich in tradition. We recommend trying some of the region's typical dishes such as Chicken Guia style, cataplana, razor clam rice, clams, carob tart and a variety of fresh seafood and fish. You won't find flavours like these anywhere else !!

If you like Italian cuisine, this option is available at Il Basilico Restaurant, with various dishes that will whet your appetite.

Tip No.3: You’ll need binoculars and a sense of adventure

The Algarve is a true paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts, and it's essential to bring binoculars with you so you don't miss out on this experience. During the winter months, countless migratory species make this region their refuge, transforming it into an authentic ornithological oasis with more than 250 different types of birds. These include several rare species, which give the Algarve its unique character.

Tip No.4: Savour the wines of the Algarve

Algarve wine is truly unique. Don't miss out, visit the local wineries and indulge in some memorable tastings. The visit is sure to be worthwhile as you'll discover flavours that were previously totally unknown to you.

You can find a wine map and an extensive list of the region's wines at the Hotel PortoBay Falésia.

Tip No.5: Perfect your golf skills on the Algarve’s courses

If you're a golfing enthusiast, know that the Algarve is renowned for its high-quality golf courses. Due to the mild climate, winter here is an exceptional time of year to enjoy this sport, while offering some wonderful views.

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