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5 Viewpoints not to be missed in Funchal

by Sofia Vasconcelos

I’ve got a friend who says she’s never seen so many viewpoints as in Madeira!!
Car journeys in Madeira are a stop-start experience because at every corner a new sign appears saying "Viewpoint x metres" and . ... nobody can resist a great view :)
Funchal is shaped like an amphitheatre, which means the city has many viewpoints. Some of them were created for that purpose; others appear spontaneously at the end of an alley or the corner of a house.

In this article, we will be looking at five viewpoints not to be missed in Funchal:

1. Nazaré Viewpoint
This is located about 2.5 km from the Vila Porto Mare resort, west of the city centre. The views are superb, overlooking the whole bay stretching from the sea to the mountains. It is especially beautiful at sunrise and with any luck you can spot the cruise ships docking in the harbour.
Address: Rua dos Estados Unidos da América 46

2. Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint
At an altitude of around 350 metres, this is one of the most iconic viewpoints in Funchal. It is very popular for taking photographs (particularly on special occasions, such as weddings and christenings) thanks to its 360º views and exotic orange flowers. It is about 4 km from The Cliff Bay hotel.
Address: Urbanização Pico dos Barcelos 1

3. Quinta Vigia Viewpoint
Quinta Vigia is currently the official residence of the President of the Regional Government, but it was once home to illustrious European royalty, such as Adelaide the consort of William IV and Empress Amélia of Brazil. The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens (entrance fee €1) which include a viewpoint named after Dona Guiomar, a noble Madeira businesswoman who lived there in the 18th century and used the viewpoint to check on ships entering and leaving the port.
The views over the sea and the port of Funchal are spectacular and worthy of kings and queens. ..
Address: Avenida do Infante 1, Funchal

4. Pináculo Viewpoint
This viewpoint seems to have been tailor-made for its location. Situated at an altitude of 283 metres, the Pináculo Viewpoint is covered by magnificent pink bougainvillea - which provide a perfect frame for the city of Funchal. You will often find pictures of this spot on postcards and in travel books about the destination. It is perfect, romantic and special - a must-see!
Address: Rua Conde Carvalhal, Funchal

5. Neves Viewpoint
On New Year's Eve, the Neves Viewpoint is one of the best places to see the fireworks! It offers views over the whole city. They extend over Funchal Bay and out to the Desertas Islands. The viewpoint is located on the old airport road and was once a "love at first sight" experience for all travellers arriving here.
Address: Estrada do Aeroporto, São Gonçalo, Funchal

When visiting Madeira, do as my friend did - stop and enjoy every view and perspective - choose your favourite viewpoint in Funchal !!

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