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Christmas Cocktails


Cocktails with a mix of intense flavours, prepared in the various PortoBay hotels by our bartenders, exclusively for Christmas time. Flavours, aromas and decorations perfectly combined, with you in mind. ..

Come and drink a toast with us!!


Snowfall in Porto

Christmas flavour with a touch of nostalgia.

Snowfall in Porto is the most recent Christmas cocktail created in the PortoBay Teatro hotel by Barman Rafael Luz. This cocktail is made from iconic Port wine, and promises an amazing taste experience. Not only is it rich in flavour, it also has a marshmallow on top, accompanied with vegan foam, which all unlocks memories of cold Christmas nights in the Invincible City.


Check out our step-by-step guide, so you can recreate this cocktail and surprise your family and friends during this magical season.


3cl Cockburn’s Ruby – Port wine
3cl Maker's Mark – Bourbon Whisky
2 cl Lime Juice
2.5 cl Sugar Syrup
8 drops of Vegan Foam


Start off the cocktail with 3cl of port and 3cl of bourbon whisky. Then add 2cl of lime juice, 2.5cl of sugar syrup and 8 drops of vegan foam (we use fee foam bitters). Put ice in the shaker and mix all the ingredients together. Then, remove the ice from the shaker and shake again to make the vegan foam. To finish, place some ice cubes in an old fashioned glass and add the cocktail. Toast the marshmallow and place it in the glass any way you like. Our bartender Rafael Luz recommends a bamboo stick. Now it's ready to drink !!


Mistletoe’s luck

A journey through the world of taste. 

This Christmas is marked by the sweet taste of our Mistletoe's Luck; for those who are lucky enough to try it.
A cocktail prepared by our barmaids Raquel Santos and Fabiana Pais.

The base is apple purée with Port wine and cinnamon, which takes you on an exceptional taste journey.

Want to know more about this cocktail?

Here’s a step-by-step guide. ..


4 cl vodka
6 cl Apple purée with Ruby Porto wine and cinnamon
1.5 cl Ginja (Morello cherry liqueur)
1 cl Sugar syrup with cinnamon, pink pepper and ginger
1 cl Lime juice

Step by Step:

Prepare the apple purée with Port wine by cooking the red apple with Ruby Port and a cinnamon stick. Put the mixture into a shaker filled with ice and shake briefly. Then, make a fine strain and with the help of a funnel pour the cocktail into a ball-shaped glass. Place this glass inside a martini glass and fill the sides with crushed ice. Finish off the cocktail with a straw and some rosemary.

If you prefer non-alcoholic cocktails, PortoBay Flores offers a variety of cocktails, some especially designed for this festive season. ..



A traditional cocktail with a touch of Búzios !!
The Negroni is a cocktail that shouldn’t be absent at any celebration. Christmas is no exception. ..

This cocktail can be traced back to a bartender from Florence, who decided to surprise his regular customer Count Camilo Negroni, by preparing a strong innovative cocktail. In the same vein, the PortoBay Búzios hotel has decided to give this drink a twist by replacing the orange with lemon and adding a cinnamon stick, to provide a perfect combination of flavours.

An Italian cocktail with the striking colour of the Christmas season and a distinctive flavour worth tasting!!

Is your mouth watering yet?

Try making this cocktail and show off your bartender skills to everyone. ..


2 shots of Campari
1 shot of Gin
1 shot of Red Vermouth
One cinnamon stick
Sicilian lemon

Step by Step:

Start this cocktail with two shots of Campari. Then add a shot of Gin to your taste and a shot of Red Vermouth. To complement, add ice, zest of lemon and a cinnamon stick. Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your drink. ..


Flavours of Christmas

A cocktail with a taste of Christmas magic !! 

This magnificent cocktail promises a magical Christmas flavour for anyone who tries it. Created at the Vila Porto Mare hotel, this cocktail has a gin and brandy base and a fusion of flavours characteristic of the festive season, including tangerine, lemon and almond.

If you are a serious connoisseur of cocktails, you’ll need to stop off at the Vila Porto Mare hotel for an exceptional experience in the world of taste!

Want to recreate this cocktail?

Follow our step-by-step guide. ..


2 cl Gin
3 cl Brandy
3 cl Tangerine Oleo Saccharum
3 cl Lemon Juice
2.5cl Almond Liqueur

Step by Step:

To start off the recipe, all you do is put all the ingredients together in the shaker with ice. Put ice in the cocktail glass while you prepare the drink. Start with the gin and add the brandy, tangerine oil and lemon juice, and finish by adding the almond liqueur. Shake for seven seconds and then take the ice out of the glass. To finish, simply pour the cocktail into the glass.
Now that you have finished preparing it, you can enjoy your cocktail!


Falésia Champagne

A bubbly cocktail for more eventful nights !!

Whether it's Christmas or New Year’s Eve, something that should never be missing from the table is the ideal cocktail for the occasion. Head barman Nelson Martins has taken charge of creating the perfect cocktail for this time of year. It combines various fruity flavours, the addition of champagne, and is complemented by the incomparable landscape of the PortoBay Falésia Hotel. This cocktail has everything you need for an unforgettable Christmas!

Would you like to make this cocktail?

This step-by-step guide shows you everything you need to make it. ..


Passion fruit

Step by Step:

Put the seeds and pulp of half a passion fruit into a cocktail glass. Then pour champagne onto the mixture, which will give it a bubbly flavour. To decorate, we suggest adding a thin slice of lime and the tip of a mint leaf.


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