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From Búzios . .. With Love


Búzios will always give you a warm welcome and invite you to stay. Once a small fishing village, today a unique city with the same charms and many secrets just waiting to be discovered. It transmits calm, promises rest, and at the same time flows with a harmonious euphoria of colours, rhythms and flavours. We are in Brazil; it makes perfect sense.

Make yourself at home . .. in paradise

Cosy, homely and inviting, PortoBay Búzios is a place that is also yours. It is located in the middle of a tropical forest, close to charming beaches lapped by the deep blue crystalline sea. The landscape suggests distance from everything, but the truth is that we are very close to the famous Rua das Pedras, right in the city centre. Now you know where we are, we’ll be waiting for you; and we’ll be happy to see you.

Here the day starts calmly. ... and it feels good !!

The morning dawns idyllic and whispers in your ear that your stay here will be promising and, most probably, unforgettable. After all, you’re in Búzios. We suggest you start the day with breakfast at our poolside bar, so you can enjoy the best home-made flavours. To tickle your palate, we have a careful selection of tropical fruits, several types of fresh bread, the best coffee and other delicacies to give you a taste of tradition. Lean back in your chair and let yourselves be carried away by the flavour . ... of Brazil.
Now that you are awake and have tasted the flavour of Brazil, here’s a question: do you feel invigorated and want to experience the best that Búzios has in store for you? The day is full of emotions and adventures!

Very close to us . ... are the charms of the peninsula's hidden corners

What if we start by revealing two secrets? Because we are happy to share some hidden beauties with you. From Praia dos Ossos, after a short walk down a slope, you will find two beaches: Azeda and Azedinha. Both are very close to that imaginary wild beach, the one we like to call a treasure that we want to keep, forever, in our memory. As these are Environmental Protection Areas, there are only a few improvised boats selling drinks to passers-by, in the knowledge that these are two of the most beautiful beaches in the country.


Stop off for a tasting . ..

Now, take a break and return to the best flavours of the peninsula. Praia Brava has one of the must-visit restaurants, on a tasteful itinerary of the city of Búzios. It's the Rocka Beach Lounge & Restaurant, located right on the seafront. The cuisine is Mediterranean-inspired and is made with the best local ingredients, including organic produce from the kitchen garden. Imagine this scenario: a welcoming environment of exquisite simplicity, where you can taste harmonious and innovative dishes. Ah . ... while sipping the best champagne and, of course, the house caipirinhas.

Walking trails with fresh air . ..

To be in Búzios is to be in a loving relationship . .. with nature. It is having it close by and discovering its endless secrets, in harmony with its various natural features, in a landscape framed by graceful mountains and challenging slopes. There is a range of activities on offer and it won't be difficult to choose the one you think is perfect for you.
You can, for example, go on adventurous ecological hikes. There are many circuits to choose from, with different levels of difficulty. From the Mangue de Pedras circuit to the route that links Praia da Ferradura to Praia dos Amores, via the Ponta das Poças and Sítio das Cobras circuits, whatever your choice, you'll be surprised.
To go to Búzios is also to listen to the sweet sound of the streams and waterfalls and to go swimming in one of its natural pools. We suggest, for example, a trip to Casemiro de Abreu in Sana, located about one hour from the centre. There, you can take several walks and feel the benefits of the fresh air.

And why not take a Buggy tour?

It's another way of getting to know Búzios and it's always great fun! You have several circuits at your disposal, which pass the iconic beaches and city’s tourist attractions. If you prefer to travel without a guide, you can rent a Buggy and choose your own route.

With the sun going down and Búzios being . ..

Back at our hotel, there is a great spot to experience the beauty that surrounds you. At the reception bar, you get a unique view over Búzios, so you are sure to linger. This is your chance, the one you have saved to be alone, or in company, with the unique and unmissable sunset that can be seen here. Take your time and enjoy. It's time to greet the evening in Búzios, and explore the nightlife later on. Shall we ?

Dinner with the taste of . .. the sea

To start off your evening, we propose a culinary experience with soul, the soul of Búzios. The Bar dos Pescadores, on Av. José Ribeiro Dantas, offers just that. With its careful selection of products on the table, it is amongst the best restaurants on the peninsula.
Their attention to detail begins with the very concept of the space. With love, tradition and art, it pays tribute to the "artisans of fishing" and . .. to your palate. An amazing sea view, and the rich and characteristic flavours of the region await you. Some examples? We give you: an enviable variety of moquecas, the best fresh fish, typical Brazilian appetizers such as cod fritters, shrimp patties or crab cakes. As for dessert . ... you'll find out when you're there, ok. .. ?

“And if this street was mine . ..”

Perhaps we wouldn't change a thing. Rua das Pedras is where the night begins and often ends. It is not only made of stones; it is also made of joy, rhythm, colours, handicrafts, celebration and music. Around 600 metres long, it is where you will find the best of several worlds for a sublime end to the day. Along the way, there is fashion, art, cuisine from different places, handicrafts, bars, shops of all kinds and the babble of conversations in different languages.

Fancy a film?

If so, you're in the right place. In Búzios, the cinema is called Gran Cine Bardot; it seats over 100 people and hosts the renowned Búzios Film Festival. The name is a tribute to the diva of cinema, Brigitte Bardot. Búzios was once the place she chose as a kind of secret hideaway in the 1960s. In fact, the trend continues. Búzios continues to be an enchanted "haven" for many who want a break from the daily grind. A hidden corner which comes close to perfection in this world.

Relax . .. in a dream

And speaking of rest, we are back "home" after a day full of excitement and discovery. At PortoBay Búzios we want you to feel comfortable and cosy. That is why we have created welcoming and perfect spaces, with care and dedication, for you, for the sake of your well-deserved rest.
Depending on your wishes and priorities, at PortoBay Búzios you can choose between the Junior Suite, the Master Suite and the Royal Suite - the last one designed for couples. For us, the most important thing is your comfort. Relax, have sweet dreams and wake up with the will to seize another day, full of smiles.



Discovering Brazil’s traditions, curiosities and costumes . ..

Brazil usually means hectic pace, music, festivities, culture and a lot of entertainment.

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