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Portugal, Easter and ... a full belly !!


The gastronomic arts are central to Portuguese culture. Being Portuguese is all about enjoying good food, whatever the occasion, and Easter is no different.
Meat takes centre stage on the Easter dining table with specialities such as lamb, goat or suckling pig. And let’s not forget that desserts are a must in Portugal, including the delicious Folar.
Discover the dishes you can add to your Easter table and celebrate with a full belly!!



Roast kid is a quintessential culinary tradition all over Portugal. After marinating for several days in wine and garlic, on Easter Day it is slowly roasted in the oven. For the most fervent followers of culinary tradition, the choice often falls to the wood-fired oven, which preserves the authenticity of the ancient methods and gives the dish a more intense and characteristic flavour.


Just like kid, lamb also takes pride of place at the Easter table. Whether it is stewed or roasted. Inspired by their cultural and religious heritage, the Portuguese preserve the tradition of enjoying this dish during the Easter season.
Share the unique flavour of this dish with your friends and family, and make the celebration even more special!!



Eastertime is when you are most likely to hear about suckling pig, an essential delicacy on many a Portuguese dining table. The suckling pig symbolizes the end of abstinence from red meat during Lent, which runs from Ash Wednesday until Easter. This is a popular and tasty dish that cannot be missing at this celebration.



Chanfana is an excellent alternative for Easter lunch. The meat is roasted in clay pots, using the heat of the wood oven, and is basted in red wine, garlic and bay leaves. If you enjoy goat, this is a truly divine choice that promises to conquer your taste buds.



Whether sweet or savoury, folares are a feature of this season and can be found in supermarkets and bakeries, or of course. .. in many Portuguese kitchens, where tradition is kept alive!
Although they share the same name, folares take on different forms depending on the region of the country. In Beiras, for example, they incorporate fennel and cinnamon, and are garnished with boiled or coloured eggs, while in the Algarve the recipe and even the name change to leaf folares, where they have a sweeter flavour and a special decoration. In Trás-os-Montes, the folar is generously stuffed with veal, rabbit, ham and chicken.
One interesting folar tradition is that it is used as a gift to be exchanged between godparents and godchildren. It is said that godfathers and godmothers should offer it on Easter Sunday to their godchildren. Surprise your loved ones with this delicious dessert and celebrate tradition!


Easter at PortoBay


There is no table more filling than the one at PortoBay! At our hotels we are preparing lunches fit for a king and, of course, to match the occasion.


At the 4-star Vila Porto Mare Resort we are preparing a very special Easter Buffet featuring seasonal delicacies. Between 1pm and 3.30pm we are counting on you at the Atlântida restaurant to celebrate Easter.


At the Porto Santa Maria hotel, in Funchal old town, we will have a delicious Easter Buffet waiting for you on 31 March between 7pm and 9pm at the Arsenal restaurant.


For Brunch fans, Avista, the restaurant at the 5-star hotel Les Suites at The Cliff Bay, is preparing a buffet full of wonderful creations, which will make your Easter even happier.


In Lisbon, the 5-star PortoBay Liberdade hotel will also prepare a buffet brunch with delicious options, as will the PortoBay Teatro in Porto. 
The PortoBay Flores hotel, located on Rua das Flores in Porto, will offer a special 3-course menu at the Bistrô Flores restaurant throughout the Easter week, in addition to the usual à la carte menu. 


Gather your family and friends and enjoy an unforgettable Easter dinner at PortoBay!

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