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What to do in Madeira when it rains



Madeira is a garden and for it to blossom, it needs rain as well as sun. Don't be fooled if you think that a rainy day is a day wasted; there's plenty to do and see, even when it's raining!
Here are some suggestions of what to do in Madeira when it's raining.



Visit the cellars at Blandy’s Wine Lodge

Madeira wine has more than 200 years of history. Why not find out more about it? On a guided tour of the Blandy’s Wine Lodge cellars, you will learn more about its history and how it’s made; and of course, do a wine tasting.
You can book this experience directly with us!

Learn more about Rum in Madeira

Madeira rum is a product full of history and tradition. What better way to find out more about it than visit the place where it’s made? Go to Porto da Cruz and visit the Engenhos do Norte mill.



A trip to the Mercado dos Lavradores market

Of course, this is a must-see. Here you can sample exotic fruits, and buy vegetables, flowers or even fish! It's a place that mixes colours, smells and flavours.

Take the opportunity to visit some museums and learn more about Madeira
Here are a few suggestions:


  • Whale Museum
    This museum tells the story of whale hunting in Madeira, and displays studies of the archipelago's cetaceans.



  • CR7 Museum
    Footballing star Cristiano Ronaldo is one of Madeira's great global ambassadors. The CR7 Museum, in the centre of Funchal next to his statue, is dedicated to the career of Cristiano Ronaldo.


  • MUDAS. Museum of Contemporary Art
    This museum is dedicated to contemporary Portuguese art and has several exhibition rooms. This is an international award-winning building that, in addition to its architectural beauty, also boasts a magnificent view.

  • 3D Fun Art Funchal
    As the name suggests, this museum promises lots of fun! 3D images, optical illusions and imagination are the keywords at this museum. A visit will certainly get you laughing and leave you with some amazing photos!

  • Madeira Film Experience
    You will experience 600 years of Madeira's history in a 30-minute audiovisual journey.

  • Quinta das Cruzes
    This museum of decorative arts includes some beautiful gardens and the Chapel of Our Lady of Piety .



Visit churches

Religious tourism is becoming more and more fashionable, and visiting Madeira's churches is undoubtedly an important part of understanding the island's history.
Exploring churches, such as the Cathedral, Church of Santa Isabel, Church of São Salvador, Santa Clara Convent, the Evangelist Church and many others, is an excellent way to continue discovering Madeira, even when it is raining.

Go shopping

This is the classic choice; a rainy day almost requires a trip to the mall. There are three large shopping centres to choose from in Funchal: the Fórum Madeira, Madeira Shopping and La Vie Funchal. Why not take advantage of a rainy day to visit some shops or appreciate the window displays.



Film hour!

If going to the shopping centre sounds like a good idea, why not go to the cinema while you're there. Whether it's at Fórum Madeira or Madeira Shopping, you are bound to find a film to your liking.



Enjoy some of the island's specialities

Some things taste much better in the rain, especially traditional food and drink. Take note of these:


Wheat Soup

If there's a dish that goes well with rain, it's wheat soup, one of Madeira's specialities. There are various recipes and adaptations of wheat soup, but the most common and richest recipes include ingredients like pork, vegetables, wheat and potatoes (or semilha as the locals say). What most distinguishes this soup is its texture.


A "poncha" always goes down well, but it is perfect in cooler weather and rain! Take the opportunity to try this drink.

Make the most of your hotel

At PortoBay hotels you will always find things to do, whether it's the activities laid on throughout the day, or all the facilities at your disposal. How about a swim in the indoor pool or relaxing in the jacuzzi? A spa treatment might also appeal, or even a trip to the gym!

Whatever your choice, the weather is no obstacle to enjoying your holiday. Although bad weather is not common in Madeira, there are certain times of the year when it does rain. Now you know some of the things you can do to enjoy your time to the full.

Oh and don’t forget to check the Madeira webcams. On an island with microclimates, there’s bound to be somewhere with sun and good weather! 😉

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