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What to do on Valentine's Day?



The most romantic day of the year is approaching. Although we know full well that love deserves to be celebrated every day, not only on special occasions, Valentine's Day provides a perfect opportunity to express and strengthen the bonds that unite us with our partners.

On a day dedicated to demonstrative acts and appreciation, it is essential to think of meaningful ways to celebrate love. In addition to affectionate gestures, the choice of a different activity can further enrich this special time. So, to help make Valentine's Day truly unforgettable, here are some suggestions.


Romantic Dinner


Do you know the infallible trick to win the heart of the person you love? It's through the stomach! So our first suggestion, which we are sure you will love, is a romantic dinner.

Discover our restaurants and surprise your loved one with a unique culinary experience!

On the island of Madeira, you can enjoy dinner for two at the Horta restaurant or the Avista restaurant. In Lisbon and Porto, Bistrô4 and Bistrô Flores promise an unforgettable night.

Check out the various options, it will be difficult to choose!

Take a walk

Walking is good, and as a couple, it is simply phenomenal! Usually, the best memories are completely free. Take the opportunity to stroll with your loved one to some special places. Take note of our suggestions for Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve and Madeira.


  • Madeira - Pico do Arieiro
    Pico do Areeiro, on the island of Madeira, is truly unique, and becomes even more special when you get the chance to visit it at sunrise. Up above the clouds, vibrant colours and a breathtaking view make for an unforgettable encounter.
    To further enhance the experience, the Vila Porto Mare resort is offering an exclusive "Breakfast Above the Clouds" experience, where you can watch the sunrise accompanied by a scrumptious breakfast. And rest assured… The resort will take care of all the logistics, so you can enjoy yourself without any worries.

  • Porto – Foz do Douro
    Let yourself be swept away by the excitement of visiting the city of Porto, and enjoy a tour of Foz by tram. The route goes along the river, and everything you see is pure enchantment.
    You’ll end up between the water, the sky and the views. An unparalleled experience in the ‘unvanquished city’!

  • Lisbon – Rua Augusta Arch Viewpoint
    There are some views that are just breathtaking, such as the Miradouro do Arco da Rua Augusta.
    Have you ever considered surprising your better half by taking them to a place with a 360º view of downtown Lisbon and the River Tagus? This is exactly what the Rua Augusta Arch Viewpoint offers all its visitors. You will literally have Lisbon at your feet!
    To enrich your experience of the city of Lisbon. ... How about a romantic sailing trip? Enjoy a private tour along the city's river front with some stunning views. You also have the option of including a photographer, music, drinks or dinner on board. Find out more here!

  • Algarve – Barranco das Belharucas Beach
    Any beach in the Algarve is the perfect setting for creating romantic memories where magical moments are a simple gesture away. Bring a towel and indulge in the spectacle of a unique Algarve sunset, together with your partner.
    To make the occasion even more special, add the irresistible touch of a pizza from the Il Basilico restaurant and enjoy the moment at Praia do Barranco das Belharucas.

Go to the Cinema

And what about . .. a film to mark Saint Valentine's Day?
While there are many ways to enjoy a film these days, we firmly believe that nothing compares to the unique experience of a movie date. Enjoy the magic of cinema together, choose a film that you both love, with popcorn that crunches to the rhythm of the on-screen emotions. Nothing beats the feeling of losing yourself in a good story, in each other's special company!!


Romantic getaway

On this occasion, the ideal offer will always be one designed for you to enjoy together. And what gift could be more special than a getaway for two? Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, Madeira, Brazil... The options are enormous, and provide you with incredible places to explore together.
Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a few nights of relaxation or discovery. You can explore new places, revisit others or simply enjoy moments of rest, by escaping the daily routine.

Get to know our hotels here!

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