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On the ‘Island of Flowers’

On the ‘Island of Flowers’

Floral carpets, exhibitions, workshops, decorations, a grand procession of floats and even a classic car parade - with the arrival of spring, the island of Madeira celebrates the Flower Festival !!

Its gardens are more verdant and blooming, and the temperatures are milder. Over nearly a full month, Madeira has a one-of-a-kind event: the Flower Festival, which fills the streets with true works of floral art !!

On one of the main avenues in the city of Funchal, the traditional black and white Portuguese cobblestone is covered in carpets of vibrantly coloured flowers. The unique aroma of flowers spreads through the city ... there is an exhibition where visitors can see the wide variety of flowers produced on the island, but there are also workshops and a market where you will find various species for sale.

One of the most striking and anticipated events is the Flower Parade. Fabulous cars, all decked out in natural flowers, travel the main streets of Funchal. This event, including hundreds of extras (mostly children), has been held since 1979.

On the day before, there is an event full of symbolism. More than a thousand children place a flower on the ‘Wall of Hope’ in an appeal for world peace.

The Flower Festival also features the ‘Madeira Flower Classic Auto Parade’, which combines the charm of classic cars with flowers. This is a unique parade which runs through downtown Funchal, where the best classic vehicles in the region come together, and of course... they are all decorated to the nines.

The celebrations end with the Madeira Flower Collection, where fashion designers are inspired by the beauty of flowers to produce and present their creations.

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2024 Programme

Wall of Hope: 04/05/2024
Flower Festival Parade: 05/05/2024
Madeira Flower Classic Auto Parade: 12/05/2024
Floral installations: 23/05/2024 - 26/05/2024
Madeira Flower Collection: 18/05/2024 - 19/05/2024

Learn more about the history of the Flower Festival . ..

Its origins date back to 1954 and are centred on two celebrations with similar themes: the Spring Festival and the Rose Festival. The Rose Festival programme, organised by Atneu Comercial do Funchal, included a display and competition of different rose varieties, and offered participants the chance to win prizes depending on how their roses were ranked.
The success of this initiative led to a significant change in 1955, when it began to have different species of flowers and its name was changed to the Flower Festival. Since then, this celebration has been held annually, featuring an impressive array of floral species and entertainment.

PortoBay hotels join the festivities

PortoBay's hotels on the island of Madeira are always part of this festive environment, which is experienced across the entire island. There are seasonal decorations and a series of activities at The Cliff Bay, Vila Porto Mare resort, Porto Santa Maria and PortoBay Serra Golf. Will you be joining us ??

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